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As a business owner, one thing you’ll undoubtedly come across is a negative review. Whether you’re offering the best products and services, you will get negative reviews. Some people will just hate you without any good reason, while others will give legit negative reviews. The question is: How do you respond to those negative reviews on Google Places Reviews? In this article, we are going to talk about 6 successful business ideas on how to respond to reviews you don’t like:

Successful Business Ideas to respond to negative review: Be nice

How you treat a review that you don’t like will determine whether the clients change their perception or ruin your business reputation. You cannot address a negative review with a negative response, lest the client goes to other review sites and complain about your attitude. Just be nice to them. You should start by apologizing to the client, by stating that you understand that something you’ve done has made them angry. The client will instantly learn that you care from the statement and they might just go quietly without ruining your business reputation.

Successful Business Ideas to respond to negative review: Don’t take the comments personally

One thing you need to know about reviews is that customers are expressing their experience with your products and services. Therefore, the diligent thing to do is to address the complaint and move on. You should also know that when you reply to a query, it becomes public and everyone can see it. So make sure you respond professionally. If you don’t have the skills to respond to negative comments, it’s a good idea to hire someone to do so on your behalf.

Successful Business Ideas to respond to negative review: Gather that feedback is the greatest asset to grow your business

If you don’t get feedback about a bad experience in your business, you may not get the opportunity to initiate corrective action. In other words, you would not be able to pinpoint areas that need improvement. That could hurt your business in the long run. If you used a customer’s review to correct any wrong, make a point to let them know that their feedback impacted your business positively.

Successful Business Ideas to respond to negative review: Make your responses short and precise

Customers who post negative reviews always anticipate that someone will hear their cries and respond to them. Prospective clients want to see, for real, that you are actively engaging with your current customers. You only need short, to the point words to communicate your business message.

Successful Business Ideas to respond to negative review: Make a point to thank individuals for taking the time to give reviews

You should treat all customers equally regardless of their review. For example, if a customer posts a positive review of your business, thank them for it. If another customer posts a negative review of your business, thank them for pinpointing the problem to allow you to initiate corrective measure. That way, your business will grow with an excellent reputation.

Successful Business Ideas to respond to negative review: Be a great friend

Understand that the modern day customer will only buy from people they know, trust and like. Google Places Reviews is so advantageous because it lets you make friends with customers. If you do that, you will nail the customers, and they will always buy from you.


Successful businesses have mastered the art of turning random customers into friends and brand evangelists. They respond to every negative review in a positive way that the customer leaves truly satisfied. They make sure to thank customers who leave positive reviews. Over time, their businesses thrive on autopilot.

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